Custom Bus Bar Fabrication Machines

At EHRT we believe in choosing the right tool for the job, and if you have a unique bus bar fabrication need our engineers are willing and able to help. Using the innovative punching and bending technology inherent in our existing machines as a starting point, we can engineer a solution for just about any challenge.

Just a few of our customized bus bar bending and punching capabilities include:

  • Punching of complex sections
  • Automatic loading of the machine
  • Bending machines for extremely thick work pieces
  • Special bending
  • Torsional bending
  • Layer bending
  • Space bending
  • Edgewise bending
  • Combination of torsional and flat section bending
  • Bending angles up to 130° using spring-back compensation
  • 180° bending

Click here to read about a complex custom machine that we designed and installed for Siemens, or check out the videos below showing a combined bender and press for generator coils, and customized automation. And if you’re interested in learning more about engineering a custom bus bar fabrication machine for your own unique application, please contact us today.

Video: Combined Bender & Press

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Video: Automated Bus Bar Production Cell

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Video: Automated Storage System

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