CNC Busbar Punching Machines

The CNC Busbar Punching Machines by EHRT North America are known for their accuracy and reliability. So no matter what type of copper bar, aluminum busbar, or steel bar material your business processes, and no matter what quantity, we have the machine that will help make your business more productive. Our specially designed software, PowerCut and PunchPro optimize productivity with nesting features and more.  Explore the FlexPunch series or the Holecut series and contact us today to request a quote. 

Check out our article on Punching vs Drilling Busbar to learn more about Punching Machines!
EHRT CNC Busbar Punching Machines PDF Document

FlexPunch Punching Machine

  • 40 tons, with up to 10 tooling heads
  • Punch circular holes, notches, chamfers, and more
  • Perfect for small to medium runs

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HoleCut Professional Punching Machine

  • 60-80 tons, with 8 or 7 QuickChange tooling stations
  • Punch circular holes, notches, chamfers, and more
  • Engineered for high-volume applications

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