Standard CNC Busbar Bending Machines

EHRT is known for producing the most accurate bending machines on the market. So whether you’re bending copper busbar, aluminum busbar, or steel bar; EHRT makes it easy to create precision bends each and every time.

Our Standard bending machines feature a hydraulic drive system and exclusive EHRT tooling with spring-back compensation technology that ensures accuracy to within 0.20°. When combined with easy-to-use software and simple machine setup, this means dramatically reduced scrap, increased productivity and higher profitability for your business.


  • EHRT EB 20 CNC
    20 ton hydraulic busbar bending machine
  • EHRT EB 40 CNC
    40 ton hydraulic busbar bending machine


  • Bend copper Busbar, aluminum Busbar and steel bar
  • For material up to 5/8” thick and 10” wide
  • Supports a variety of bending styles, including U-bends, edgewise and torsion
  • Spring-back compensation technology means accuracy to within 0.20°
  • Fast setup time with PowerBend software
  • Easily and quickly change tooling for various bending needs
  • Perfect for bending single pieces and small batches of parts


Bending Force

  • 20 tons, EB-20CNC
  • 40 tons, EB-40CNC


  • Up to 8”, EB-20CNC
  • Up to 8”, EB-40CNC

Bending System

  • Hydraulic

Max Workpiece Size

  • 79” x 6”, EB-20CNC
  • 79” x 8”, EB-40CNC

Positioning Accuracy

  • Within 0.20°


  • Industrial PC with Windows 7 or later
  • PowerBend software
  • SQL database for large data sets


  • Offset bending tools
  • Edge bending tools
  • Torsion twist tools
  • A variety of custom tooling options
  • Standard or extended CNC side stop