PowerCut Busbar Punching Software

If your business creates parts from copper, steel or aluminum bus bar, the right software can help you increase efficiency and minimize costly waste. That’s why we’ve developed PowerCut and PunchPro, proprietary software applications that manage production on EHRT punching machines. Check out our article on Punching vs Drilling Busbar if you’re interested in learning more about Punching Machines!

What makes our CAD software better than competing bus bar production software? Our decades of experience helping manufacturers of all sizes maximize production has resulted in the most easy-to-use, flexible, powerful software on the market.

PowerCut, PowerBend Bending, Punching Machine Solutions PDF Document


What You See is What You Get
Each part in the production is visualized on screen so that the operator has control of what is being produced. Easily manufacture full-scale production runs of a single part, or just as easily produce thousands of unique parts. Even adjust parameters on the fly when changes during production are necessary.

Save Money With Optimization
Whether you’re producing a single part or a variety of parts, PunchPro automatically optimizes the nesting of parts within your specified raw material in order to minimize scrap. PunchPro will even specify the utilization rates of materials for tracking and planning.

Get Up and Running Quickly
We’ve designed several functions specifically to save time. Mirroring allows you to program one punched hole and then easily duplicate it wherever you need it. Macros give you the ability to combine a complex set of programs into a single process. By calling up a single Macro, operators can get production started quickly.

Efficient Database Technology
Whether you handle a few parts or a few thousand, the EHRT database helps manage programs and share information between the back office and each EHRT machine. Once saved to the database, every part can be produced on any machine, updated or modified via a back-office PC, and called into production quickly.

If you’re interested in learning more about EHRT software for both new bus bar punching machines and existing bus bar punching machines, contact us today. We look forward to helping your business save money and increase production efficiency with the right equipment and software.