Professional CNC Busbar Bending Machines

In addition to our Standard Line, EHRT manufactures a Professional Line of busbar bending machines that are designed for high loads, long wear, and unrivaled accuracy.

Using our exclusive EHRT tooling with spring-back compensation technology, our electric servo-driven Professional line can guarantee bend angle accuracy to within 0.20°. In addition, thanks to PowerBend software and quick setup, our busbar bending machines and CNC bar bending equipment will save your business precious time while reducing expensive scrap.

EB20 and EB40 Standard Bending Machines Product Guide

QuickChange System by EHRT PDF Document

QuickLock System by EHRT PDF Document

Special Bending Tools – Offset, Edge and Torsion Bending


  • EHRT EB-40Pro
    40 ton busbar bending machine
  • Bend copper Busbar, aluminum Busbar and steel bar
  • For material up to 8” wide
  • Supports a variety of bending styles, including U-bends, edgewise and torsion
  • Spring-back compensation technology means accuracy to within 0.20°
  • Fast setup time with PowerBend software
  • Easily and quickly change tooling for various bending needs
  • Electric servo drive system is 70% more energy-efficient than hydraulic systems and just as accurate
  • Perfect for heavy use in industrial environments
  • Bending Force
    • 40 tons, EB-40Pro
  • Stroke
    • Up to 8”
  • Bending System
    • Electric Servo
  • Max Workpiece Size
    • 79” x 8”, EB-40 Pro
  • Positioning Accuracy
    • Within 0.20°
  • Industrial PC with Windows 7 or later
  • PowerBend software
  • SQL database for large data sets
  • Offset bending tools
  • Edge bending tools
  • Torsion twist tools
  • A variety of custom tooling options
  • Standard or extended CNC side stop