PowerBend Busbar Bending Software

The bending software included with all new EHRT North America bending machines will help even the least-technical operators get up and running quickly, while also providing the kind of in-depth parameters and program storage solutions necessary for the large-scale production of parts.

No matter what type of industrial bending your business needs, and no matter what quantity of parts you produce, PowerBend has the features you need to increase efficiency and maximize production.

PowerCut, PowerBend Bending, Punching Machine Solutions PDF Document

Easy Handling
With CAM PowerBend, no CNC programming skills are required. All necessary parameters are prompted and displayed visually on the screen. Parameters can be adjusted at any time, and all minimum distances are checked automatically to ensure manufacturability of your part.

Calculated Values
The flat length of each part is calculated automatically in order to maximize the use of raw materials and minimize scrap, and up to three bends can be calculated per workspace.

On-Screen Visualization
As parameters are input by the operator or loaded from the CAM EHRT database, the part to be produced is visualized on screen. This reduces error and allows the operator to see the resulting part in real-time.

Efficient Database Technology
No matter if you’re producing just a few parts or thousands of bus bar parts, the EHRT database helps manage programs and share information between your back office and each EHRT machine. Parts can be saved to the database and easily called upon any machine. In addition, part designs can be updated or modified via a back-office PC and loaded into production machines quickly.

If you’re interested in learning more about EHRT PowerBend software for both new bus bar bending machines and existing bus bar bending machines, contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money and increase production efficiency with PowerBend software!


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