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Professional CNC Busbar Punching Machines

HoleCut Professional CNC punching machines from EHRT are designed for the high loads, extreme durability and high speed that high-volume industrial applications demand.

These machines allow for punching of copper bus bar and other flat bar materials and include tooling that will create holes, slots, chamfers and more, in high-volume, large-production situations.

The EHRT Professional Line of punching machines are the most accurate on the market. In addition, EHRT developed optimization and nesting software, PunchPro, will drive scrap reduction and maximize production efficiency.


  • EHRT HoleCut 60 Pro
    60 ton, with 7 cutting stations, plus 1 cutting station
  • EHRT HoleCut 80 Pro
    80 ton, with 6 quick-change tooling stations, plus 1 shear station


  • Punch copper busbar, aluminum busbar and steel bar
  • For material up to .75” thick and 10” wide
  • Create circular holes, slots, chamfers, radiuses, and more, in a range of sizes
  • Lateral clamping allows the machine to cut almost the entire workpiece, even the border
  • Fast setup time with PunchPro software
  • Quick-change tooling
  • Engineered for extreme durability
  • Perfect for high-volume industrial applications


Tooling Stations

  • Punching up to 1.26” diameter
  • Available tooling includes circular holes, slots, chamfers, nibbling, rounding and more

Punching Force

  • 60 tons, HoleCut 60 Pro
  • 80 tons, HoleCut 80 Pro

Workpiece Thickness

  • .12-.39”, steel
  • .12-.75”, copper
  • .12-.75”, aluminum

Workpiece Width

  • Up to 10″

Positioning Accuracy

  • Within .004”


  • Industrial PC with Windows 7 or later
  • PunchPro nesting software
  • PowerCut punching software
  • SQL database for large data sets


  • Automatic feeding system
  • Automatic gantry system
  • Sorting and additional conveyors
  • Multiple part marking options
  • Thread forming
  • Profile punching




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