Enertec: Punching & Bending Bus Bar at the Click of a Mouse

At EHRT we’ve developed a new generation of PC-controlled punching and bending machines with networking capabilities especially for production of one-offs and small batches. These machines, our Standard Line of bus bar punching machines and bus bar bending machines, make the latest CNC technology accessible to smaller companies. One such company, Enertec, has had great results with EHRT standard line machines. Read on to learn more!

A Manufacturing Challenge

Enertec produces low voltage switchgear for up to 7,400A applications. In their systems, individually produced formed copper components
carry electricity in the switchgear cabinets and up to now these have been manufactured on manually operated punching and bending machines.

Their previous manual processes resulted in long set-up times, tool changes and adjustments when punching, cutting off and bending. Enertec’s managing director, says “In order to make our medium-sized business more competitive in a strongly contested market place, we knew we had to do something about our component production. Subcontracting was not an option, as we wanted to keep this added-value work in-house”.

A Bus Bar Fabrication Solution

Six months after replacing their manual equipment with EHRT CNC-controlled punching and bending machines, Enertec’s management team was thrilled with the results.

“With our old processes, using only manual machines, we had 2 to 3 people working on the production of formed components. The EHRT solution means that we have higher throughput but only need one person. Without the EHRT machines we could not have made this improvement. It is now possible for employees with less experience to produce components immediately without rejects. The manufacturer’s claims led us to have extremely high expectations of the machines… and these expectations have been more than met!”

If you’re interested in learning more about how EHRT can help your business take advantage of CNC processes to increase efficiency and maximize production, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!